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My Sherlock ending theory

Just a quick post this, but after rewatching it I think I’ve figured this “how did Sherlock do it?” thing. When Sherlock first looks over the edge and asks “for a moment by myself”, there’s a bus parked alongside the hospital. After a minute or so, and next time we look down, there’s a lorry … Continue reading


  • I can't talk about this any better then Miss Monster did - http://mistressofmonsters.wordpress.com/2012/01/02/a-monster-year-2/
  • In 88 hours time I complete the black stage of my tattoo. Woot! Can't wait to finish this badboy.
  • Four days to go until I start my tattoo sleeve. 'citin'.
  • 15 days to go until operation tattoo sleeve begins. Woo.
  • So, the big question... what's everyone doing for bank holiday Monday?
  • Who's cute and has a cat? - hint hint
  • Oi monkeys. Have you subscribed to my blog yet? If not, why not? Click the link at the bottom right of the page. Done. Simple.
  • Dear blog. I have nothing to say today. Don't worry, I've got some great things lined up for tomorrow.
  • If you do just one thing today, watch this video and bear in mind that it is ENTIRELY CGI. Mind-blowing - 'The Third & Seventh' by Alex Roman
  • I said guys I'm like you, I like monster trucks too, wanna see how many pushups I can do? I just wish I was queer so I could get chicks. Thanks, Bloodhound Gang
  • I forgot how inappropriately funny Strangers With Candy is
  • Lori made it onto TheBerry today. Next stop, Tilly.
  • As I was saying yesterday, I'm playing an acoustic showcase at The Grain Bar on the 24th
  • Just imported all the posts from one of my old blogs. Nostalgia win
  • What happens if any of this guys friends change their profile pictures? http://youtu.be/ApOWWb7Mqdo
  • Lori has decided that her favourite place to sleep is in my lap. It's sweet, but it makes getting up to go to the toilet problematic
  • Have you seen that you can subscribe to my blog with the link on the bottom right? You should.
  • It's the 21st Century luv'. There's nowt wrong with a bit of cleavage. Four Weddings, Sky Living HD

Andy Valentine is a professional musician and guitar teacher based out of Bristol, UK. After spending the last couple of years making a name for himself on the South West's live music scene with his loud and energetic top-hatted electric rock antics, he is now concentrating on writing his new album 'The Naughty Daughters', which will be coming out in January 2012.

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