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Bike Mod Project #3 – Finished

You’ve heard me go on about this for the last month or so, but finally the Chopper Mod Project is finally complete.

I hit a bit of a snag a week or so ago when I threaded a crank and a pedal fell off, but today the replacement arrived, marking the final piece in the modification puzzle. Before I show you the nooks and crannies, here’s a little ‘before and after’ shot so you can see what I’ve done.

Before and After

Not too shabby, right?

A rough list of all of the changes (in no particular order is)

  • Stripping the original paint and hand spraying a custom design (with ‘#1′ and original mk1 decals)
  • Cleaned and repolished the cranks, sissy bar, parcel shelf and nuts
  • New white wall tyres
  • Painting the inner of the rims, spokes and nipples black
  • Addition of a honky honky horn
  • Replacing the old grips with new ones to match the paint job
  • New left crank arm
  • New WellGo black metal pedals
  • Removal of rear brake
  • Single speed conversion and removal of gearing
  • Addition of retro looking mirrors
  • Addition of 5′ flagpole and pirate flag
  • Addition of circular rear lights to match the rear reflector
  • Addition of blue LED valve caps (that make a nice Tron-esque glow)

I’ll admit there are still a couple of changes that I’m going to make down the line. Firstly, I’ll be removing the horn and putting on what’s called a “ding dong bell” (you’ll understand when you’ll see a video of it doing it’s thing), and I’m contemplating changing the wheels to black SkyWay Tuff Mags. We’ll see.

Anyway, I’m done for now, so check it out.

About Andy Valentine

When I was young I dreamt of being a musician, but that didn't quite work out. Then I wanted to be an architect, then an artist, then a software designer, and most recently, a musician again. Somehow, as I approach the dreaded 3-0, I've managed to forge a life where I get paid to sing amplified nonsense at people and teaching others to do the same. It's awesome. This blog is a glimpse into my somewhat broken mind. Be afraid.



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